music centres

Manchester Music Centres


There are seven music centres across the city of Manchester.  There are two large centres –  at Blackley in the north of the city and Chorlton in the south, the other smaller centres specialise in a particular type of music such Irish, Russian, Steel pan, Strings, Jazz, Folk.

There is a long list of music styles available to learn about. The Music Centres are funded by MyHub and organised and run by One Education Music. If you have any queries about the Centres please contact One Education Music (

Click on each centre name to find out which activities are on offer.  There is a charge of £45.00 per full term for centre membership and this includes as many activities that young people want to take part in.  Centre staff will consider the remission of fees where families find it hard to pay the weekly fee.

There are always opportunities to perform and play with others at the centres.  Parents and carers are always welcome.