Importance of quality


Quality is significant in all fields of MyHub activity, quality enhancement and the betterment of the music educational experience of young people in the City of Manchester is central to MyHub’s ambition.
MyHub takes responsibility for the standards of music education provision in the formal and informal sectors and the quality of tuition delivered to young people across the City
MyHub believes that all children, in whatever environment they are experiencing music, have the right to a high quality experience.
Quality covers two areas of MyHub’s work: Governance and Management and Engaging young people

Governance and Management:

1. How we conduct ourselves and our business, our communications and engagement with stakeholders and partners

2. One Education Music, our main commission partner, and the cultural organisations we work with.

The Strategic Board of MyHub is monitored by Arts Council England and in addition it ensures it adheres to its own quality standards through regular reviews of policy and practice.
MyHub Strategic Board is responsible for ensuring that overall Quality Assurance mechanisms are in place for all activity it supports
One Education Music monitors and delivers Quality Assurance assessment in its teaching provision and reports to the Strategic Board
One Education Music is entrusted by MYHub Strategic Board to propose Quality Assurance assessment methods within school environments
Schools must demonstrate robust Quality Assurance mechanisms for continuation of MCC-controlled financial allocation
Cultural organisations working with MyHub must demonstrate they have robust Quality Assurance mechanisms for their work with young people.

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