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South Music Centre



0161 276 0104


Chorlton High School
Nell Lane, Chorlton-cum-Hardy
M21 7SL


A lively and friendly centre for children aged 3-18. This music centre offers a wide range of musical opportunities including rock & pop bands, wind bands, ukulele group, string ensembles, choir and orchestra. There are lots of fun activities and tuition suitable for all ages and abilities.
For children under 8 we have Polkadots music making sessions, recorder group, ukulele group and string / piano tuition.

For over 7s there are beginner to advanced level ensembles, an inclusive music making group and choir. We offer lessons on wind, brass, strings, guitar, ukulele, drum kit and piano.  Theory and aural tuition is also available.

Membership to our music centres is FREE.  Come along and play, everyone is welcome!


How you can get involved:

Schedule – Saturdays
9.00-9.35am Beginner Strings (Level 1)
9.40-10.30am String Orchestra (Level 2)
10.40-11.40am String Orchestra (Level 3)
11.50-12.55pm Full Orchestra (Mixed Level) 

9.00-9.35 am Beginner Woodwind/Brass (Level 1)
9.40-10.30am Wind Band (Level 2)
10.40-11.40am Wind Band (Level 3)
10.50-12.55pm Full Orchestra (Mixed Level)

9.00-9.35am Beginner Guitar/Ukulele (Level 1)
9.00-9.40am String Tings Ukulele (Level 3)
9.40-10.30am Guitar Group (Level 2)
10.40-11.40am Rock/Pop MuFu Band (Level 2 & 3)

9.00 – 9.35am Junior Percussion Workshop
9.40 – 10.40am Community Samba needs

9.50-10.30am Saturday Sounds (Mixed Level)
10.40-11.45am Saturday Sounds (Mixed Level)
10.45-11.25am Saturday Sings (Mixed Level)

10.30-11.00am Polkadots (EYFS) Charged
11.00-11.30am Polkadots (Year 1 &2) Charged

9.00-9.20am Music Aural (Grade 1-3) Charged
9.20-9.50 Music Aural (Grade 4+) Charged
10.00-10.40am Music Theory (Grade 1-3) Charged

11.55-12.35pm Music Theory (Grade 4+) Charged

9.00-12.55pm Individual/Paired Tuition (Mixed Level)