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Music Centre Information

All Music Centres aim to encourage children and young people to:

  • Engage with music making on a regular basis
  • Develop and grow their skills in playing and singing with their peers from other schools
  • Experiment with different styles of music and different instruments
  • Learn how music is composed, recorded and presented in digital and live formats
  • Enjoy music-making and playing in an exciting and safe environment

To support the Manchester Year of the Child 2022, membership of all music centres will be free. There is also an option to pay for individual / paired music tuition at some Music centres. Optional membership donations are welcomed. The previous cost of membership was £45 per term.

TUITION CHARGES – based on 11 lessons per term      
Instrumental lessons  Termly  Half Termly
·        20 Minute Shared Lesson £82.50 £41.25
·        20 Minute Individual Lesson £165.00 £82.50
·        40 Minute Individual Lesson £330.00 £165.00
·        60 Minute Individual Lesson £495.00 £247.50  
Additional activities at Chorlton Music Centre    Termly  Half Termly  
·        Music Theory & Aural Programme   £48.40             £24.20  
·        Polkadots – EYFS & Year 1/2    £48.40             £24.20  


Payment can be made:

·        Online at

·        By calling 0161 276 0160





Please donate via the MyHub website:

The MyHub Music centres are run by One Education Music. The lead contact for all music centres is Kate Moran who also directs the Manchester Youth String Orchestra.

There are activities suitable for all player abilities. Music centres offer pathways for all instruments taught in Manchester Schools and some additional traditional instruments.

Level 1 activities are suitable for beginners wanting to learn an instrument or who may have started learning at home or at school and want to learn more.

Your music teachers will help let you find which groups are most suitable.