Our team

The members of the voluntary board who manage the grant from the DFE and ACE are shown below. This board makes the decisions on how the grant is allocated. At present around 70% is delegated to schools and the remaining grant goes towards other projects with partners and the running costs of our Music Centres

Sue Harrison – Independent Chair

I have chaired the board for just over two years and each year we have grown the opportunities for young people to be engaged in music making. My experience lies in the arts and education, mainly in dance and music. I believe passionately in the importance of a musical education.

Debra King – Director of Brighter Sound

I have been a member of the MyHub Music Trust board since its inception and have recently taken on the role of a Trustee of the MyHub Trust..

Brighter Sound is a cultural producer of music programmes.  Brighter Sound pioneers new ways to explore creative music with young people, artists and musicians. We are a strategic partner of Youth Music and through this work closely with Music Education Hubs, cultural and third sector companies to improve inclusion, create new opportunities to engage young people in music making and support progression routes for young musicians

Martin Maris

Having spent four years as a Head of Music in a London High School; ten years as a Lecturer in Music in a Lancashire college of FE and 24 years working as the Learning/Outreach Manager of the BBC Philharmonic, I feel blessed to have witnessed the sheer power of music and its capacity to embrace, captivate and ‘speak’ to almost everybody.

My professional music based project work with the BBC has taken me, and many musicians, composers, conductors and a vast range of other creatives into a variety of educational, community and specialised learning and caring centres. Alongside these established centres we also ventured into some less familiar settings including: supermarkets, factories, pubs, cinemas and the homes of vulnerable adults and children. I have seen how music can change lives; offer comfort and resolve to the dis-orientated and inspire and overwhelm the most distracted. For all these reasons, I am very interested in the important work of My Hub – Manchester Music and hope that I can support and enhance their existing programme of exciting, innovative and challenging events and activities.

Nick Paul – Strategic Lead – Directorate of Children’s Services and Commissioning Manchester City Council

I have represented MCC on the board since the inception of the Hub in 2011 so I am well equipped to see the development in the range of musical opportunities that we have been able to offer for children and young people of the city. Although a scientist by training and historian by inclination I believe strongly in the importance of music education and it’s availability to all.

Nick Ponsillo – Director, Philip Barker Centre for Creative Learning

If I’m honest I don’t know what gave me a burning desire to become involved in music making. It could have been my parents playing their 60s music, but I distinctly remember being amazed by the way in which the trombone slides moved so rhythmically when watching what I must assume was a prom concert on tv.

I badgered my parents at every opportunity from the age of about 8, desperate to play the trumpet. At the age of 10 my parents relented and I was given the opportunity to try a 50 year old, battered instrument with holes that has seen better days in the 1940s.

My parents couldn’t afford to pay for a new instrument or lessons really and they feared this was a phase from which I would move on. A few months later they realised this was for good and my first instrument was my present for my birthday, Christmas and the following birthday too. That was my start and the support I was given has provided me with life opportunities that continue to the present day.

I am committed to supporting young people in Manchester to have their own experiences and to continue to champion the role of music making in such a vibrant music city.

Zoe Williams – Culture Lead – Libraries, Galleries and Culture

Zoe Williams
I am an arts development practitioner with experience in cultural strategy, place based arts and grant management. I have a background as a youth theatre director and community arts project manager in Greater Manchester.
I work for Manchester City Council as the Cultural Lead for Libraries, Galleries and Culture to support the growth of a more universal cultural provision across the city’s neighbourhoods.
I am not a musician, but I am always impressed with the talents displayed by the musicians that I come across as part of work and pleasure. I like to dance to music, particularly reggae soul, funk, house and disco! So, in Manchester, i feel spoilt for choice.

Heather Brown – Director of Music Trinity Church of England High School

Zoe Williams
I am Director of Music at Trinity Church of England High School and am the secondary school representative on the board. I have taught music in Manchester schools throughout my career and believe passionately in progression and promoting opportunities for all young people to achieve high standards of musical performance.