Manchester Hip Hop Archive – Taster Sessions July 2021

The Manchester Hip Hop Archive (MHHA) is dedicated to documenting and sharing a rich collection of artefacts and historical accounts that help highlight events, groups and individuals from the Manchester community that helped contribute to the social and cultural phenomenon known as Hip Hop. In July 2021, the MHHA launches it’s inaugural exhibition at Manchester Central Library, celebrating forty years of this aspect of Manchester’s youth culture through the medium of music, dance, fashion and graffiti. We are working in collaboration with Manchester City Council, Manchester Libraries, One Education, Wakelet Education, Beat Bazaar &
Unity Radio, Manchester’s leading youth focused Black music station.

A major part of Hip Hop’s global growth amongst children and young people has been credited to the evidenced benefits of participating in relatable arts and music activities. Through their involvement in Hip Hop programmes, young people with mental health challenges including anxiety, panic disorders, traumatic stress disorders and several other conditions, are able to explore new creative coping techniques in a safe and supportive environment.
With over 5 years of experience working in a multi-agency capacity with referrals and signposting to services including NHS CAHMS and Local Authorities care teams, the MHHA Education & Wellbeing programme is supported by professional mental health practioners as well as arts, music, fashion and dance facilitators. The MHHA team is committed to delivering holistic, cross-curricular activities which not only provide enjoyment for young people, but also support personal growth and development. Our programme boosts self-esteem, helps young people build a strong sense of identity and increases resilience by improving mental health and


1 Hour Taster Session
Choose your Hip Hop activity from the list of elements (Music, Graffiti, Dance or Fashion) – learn new creative skills and
experience increased confidence and self esteem.

2 Hour Workshop
Choose 2 activities from the list of elements or focus on a single element in greater depth (Music, Graffiti, Dance or Fashion) – learn new
creative skills and experience increased confidence and self-esteem. This will also include a group discussion around an issue most
important to the learners using the MHHA resources.

25 Hours
2 sessions per element plus 2 sessions focused on archives and collections and the importance of documenting community experiences
and learnings. Achieving Arts Award accreditation young people apply their newly learned creative skills to create a podcast to share and
learn with their peer group.

PLUS optional 1 day showcase to celebrate the Hip Hop elements & achievements of the project.

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