Harjeet Singh Music Bursary

The Harjeet Singh Music Bursary has been set up as a legacy in memory of the work and dedication given by Harjeet to teaching Indian Classical Music. The instrument bursary has been established by the family and friends of Harjeet to provide instruments to aspiring students who have a love for Indian Classical Music, and who demonstrate potential to learn and thrive in their musical journey. The instrument bursary is offered to those students where the affordability of a quality instrument is prohibitively expensive.

Harjeet was always focused on making a difference and spent a lot of his time promoting music to those where accessibility was a challenge. Raising the confidence of the young people he taught, and also supporting good causes through offering performances, Harjeet had a passionate belief in encouraging and promoting talent amongst young musicians and often commented that music is a force for good in the lives of children, with countless benefits to their well-being resulting from participating in musical activities.

The organisation is run by volunteers who administer the bursaries; this is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide instruments to deserving students who have a passion to learn.

The bursary offers Indian Musical Instruments. The funding for instruments comes from both the Family & Friends of Harjeet and sponsorships; the scheme also accepts donations of instruments. All monetary donations are used to procure instruments. The bursary offers 8 quality instruments a year through a formal application process. We would encourage the donations of instruments no longer being used that would be provided to deserving student.

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