Goddess Gaia

An exciting resource for schools from the Hallé

for flute, harp, cello and narrator
Words by Tony Mitton • Music by Steve Pickett

Goddess Gaia is a brand new animated cantata for Flute, Harp, Cello and Narrator, complete with comprehensive teaching resources for Primary Schools.

Words by Tony Mitton
Music by Steve Pickett
Animation by Peter Naish

Goddess Gaia explores the beauty and fragility of the natural world and takes us on a thought provoking journey around the globe warning us of the dangers of human greed on the environment.

  • Watch the complete animated performance
  • Meet the Hallé players involved and learn about their instruments
  • Learn two songs and percussion accompaniments with step by step instructions from the Hallé animateur
  • Participate in the performance through singing and playing classroom percussion
  • Comprehensive teacher information with suggestions for a wide range of cross curricular learning, including science, geography, art, citizenship, literacy, maths, DT, dance and creative music

SPECIAL OFFER of £60.00 + VAT (£72.00) for ALL schools within Greater Manchester (FULL PRICE £120.00 + VAT (£144.00)

Endorsed by Eco-Schools

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