04/10/17: The Music of Proof

This October, PRiSM, based at the RNCM, is exploring the eternal connection and dierences between the art of music and the science of maths. Listen to a new collection of miniatures for string quartet: ve short movements each associated with a dierent mathematical idea. Play with a new app that will be launched during the evening inviting the audience to match the maths in musical fragments. Join composer Emily Howard and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy in a discussion about how maths and music are intertwined. This is the launch event for PRiSM, the RNCM Centre for Practice & Research in Science & Music, with a series of events exploring collaborations between Music and Mathematics led by composer Emily Howard (Director, PRiSM) and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy (co-Director, PRiSM).

Wednesday 4 October 7.30pm
RNCM Concert Hall

Tickets £5