Cello Revolution

The number of Cellos players in some areas of the country is dramatically decreasing. One Education Music are trying to address this with strategies to engage children who may not have the opportunity to learn these instruments in schools.

On Saturday 8th June, more than 30 primary aged children attended our Chorlton Music Centre for their first group cello lesson. These children were introduced to the cello through a series of inspirational workshops led by One Education Music tutors, Victoria Groves and Robert Wheatley, who are also both post graduate students at the Royal Northern College of Music.

The children listened to how the instrument can sound in expert hands, and then had practical experience of playing the cello themselves. This resulted in the large group of children who have chosen to learn this amazing instrument.

The children will initially have lessons in large groups and then will have the option of continuing with paired or individual lessons, all led by Victoria and Robert at the music centre.

Lindsay Thomas (Head of One Education Music)